Parish Adoration Location Day Times ( from- to )
Mullingar Cathedral of Christ The King Every Day 8am – 8pm
St Francis Private Hospital, Ballinderry Friday 3pm – 5pm
Navan St Mary’s Church, Navan Every Day 24 Hours
St Oliver’s Church, Navan Saturday 11am – 5.30pm
Ardcath St Mary’s Church, Ardcath Wednesday 10am – 11am & 7pm – 8.30pm
Curraha St Andrew’s Church, Curraha Thursday 10am – 12noon & 7pm – 10pm
Ashbourne Immaculate Conception, Ashbourne Tuesday 10.30am – 11.30am
Immaculate Conception, Ashbourne Thursday 8pm – 9pm
Athboy St James, Athboy Friday 10am – 11pm
Ballinabrackey Church of Assumption, Ballinabrackey Tuesday 4pm – 7.30pm ( May – Sept )
Castlejordan Church of Holy Trinity, Castlejordan Tuesday 4pm – 7.30pm ( Oct – May )
Ballynacargy Church of Nativity, Ballynacargy Wednesday 9am – 11am & 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Sonna St Michael’s Church, Sonna Tuesday 8pm – 9pm
Ballivor Church of St Columbanus, Ballivor Tuesday 3pm – 9pm
Ballymore Holy Redeemer, Ballymore Tuesday 7pm – 9pm
Beauparc Church of Assumption, Beauparc Thursday 3pm – 10pm
Church of Assumption, Beauparc Friday 7am – 11am
Kentstown Church of Assumption, Kentstown Monday 6am – 3pm
  Church of Assumption, Kentstown Tuesday 11am – 10pm
Bohermeen St Ultan’s Church, Bohermeen Thursday 10am -10pm
Carnaross St Ciaran’s Church, Carnaross Tuesday 4pm – 7pm
Mullaghae Sacred Heart Church, Mullaghae 1st Friday 2pm – 7.30pm
Castlepollard St Michael’s, Castlepollard Monday 3pm – 8pm
St Michael’s, Castlepollard Tuesday 10am – 12noon & 3pm – 8pm
St Michael’s, Castlepollard Wednesday 10am – 12noon & 3pm – 8pm
St Michael’s, Castlepollard Thursday 3pm – 8pm
Castletown Geoghegan St Michael’s, Castletown Geoghegan Wednesday 10.30am – 12noon
St Michael’s, Castletown Geoghegan Thursday 8pm – 9pm
Castletown Kilpatrick St Patrick’s, Castletown – Kilpatrick Tuesday 10am – 8pm
Clara St Brigid’s Church, Clara Monday 3pm – 6pm & 8pm – 10pm
St Brigid’s Church, Clara Wednesday 4pm – 6pm & 8pm – 11pm
Clonmellon St Peter & Paul’s, Clonmellon Monday 10am – 11pm
Collinstown St Mary’s Church, Collinstown 1st Friday 10am – 11.30am
Fore St Feichin’s Church, Fore Friday 7.30pm – 9pm
Coole Immaculate Conception, Coole Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Delvin Church of Assumption, Delvin Monday 12noon – 2pm & 8pm – 10pm
Killulagh St Livinius Church, Killulagh Wednesday 5.30am – 8.30pm
Donore Church of Nativity, Donore Monday 9.30am – 9pm
Rosnaree Church of Nativity, Rosnaree Thursday 4pm – 10pm
Drogheda St Mary’s Church, Drogheda Every Day 7am – 12 midnight
Holy Family Church, Ballsgrove Friday 9am – 10am
Drumconrath St Peter & Paul’s, Drumconrath Wednesday 10am – 10pm
Drumraney Immaculate Conception, Drumraney Thursday 6pm – 11pm
Tang Immaculate Conception, Tang Monday 6pm – 7pm
  Immaculate Conception, Tang Wednesday 7pm – 10pm
Forgney Immaculate Conception, Forgney Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
Duleek St Cianan’s Church, Duleek Monday 10.30am – 11.30am
St Cianan’s Church, Duleek Tuesday 11.30am – 12.30pm
St Cianan’s Church, Duleek Wednesday 12.30pm – 1.30pm & 8pm – 10pm
St Cianan’s Church, Duleek Thursday 8pm – 10pm
Bellewstown St Therese Church, Bellewstown Tuesday 9.30am – 11.30am & 8pm – 10pm
Dunboyne Parish Centre (nr. Church), Dunboyne Tuesday 9am – 8pm
Parish Centre, Dunboyne Friday 9am – 8pm
Dunderry Church of the Assumption, Robinstown Tuesday 8am – 8pm
Dunshaughlin Sts Patrick & Seachnaill Tuesday 9am – 11pm
Sts Patrick & Seachnaill Wednesday 9am – 12 noon
Culmullen St Martin’s Church, Culmullen Thursday 9am – 11am & 7pm – 9pm
Dysart St Patrick’s Church, Dysart Tuesday 8pm – 10pm
Loughnavalley Assumption, Loughnavalley Thursday 7pm – 9pm
Eglish St James’ Church, Eglish Friday 8pm – 9pm
Enfield The Presbytery Oratory, Enfield Tuesday 10am – 10pm
The Presbytery Oratory, Enfield Wednesday 7am – 10pm
The Presbytery Oratory, Enfield Thursday 10am – 1pm & 7pm – 10pm
Rathmolyon St Michael’s Church, Rathmolyon Tuesday 10am – 10pm
St Michael’s Church, Rathmolyon Wednesday 10am – 11am & 6pm – 10pm
Tubberclaire/Glasson Immaculate Conception, Tubberclaire Monday 6pm – 10pm
Immaculate Conception, Tubberclaire Wednesday 10am – 1pm
Kells St Columcille’s Church, Kells Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm
Kilbeg St Michael’s Church, Staholmog Tuesday 3pm – 10pm
Kilbeggan St James’ Church, Kilbeggan Monday 10am – 12 noon
Rahugh St Hugh’s Church, Rahugh Friday 7pm – 9pm
Kilcloon St Oliver Plunkett, Kilcloon Tuesday 9am – 10pm
St Oliver Plunkett, Kilcloon Thursday 9am – 2pm & 6pm – 10pm
Batterstown Assumption, Batterstown Thursday 10am – 9pm
Kilcock Little Chapel of Assumption, Kilcock Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Kilcormac Church of Nativity, Kilcormac Mon/Wed/Fri 6.15pm – 7.15pm
Church of Nativity, Kilcormac Tuesday 4pm – 5pm
Mountbolus St Brigid’s, Mountbolus Thursday 2pm – 12 midnight
Kildalkey Church of St Dympna, Kildalkey Tuesday 1pm – 9pm
Killucan St Joseph’s Church, Rathwire Tuesday 1pm – 9pm
St Joseph’s Church, Rathwire Wednesday 6pm – 10pm
Raharney St Brigid’s Church, Raharney Wednesday 6pm – 10pm
St Camillus Centre St Camillus’ Nursing Ctr, Killucan Wednesday 3.30pm – 5pm
Kilmessan Church of Nativity, Kilmessan Tuesday 10am – 12 noon
Dunsany Church of Assumption, Dunsany Thursday 10am – 12 noon
Kilskyre St Alphonsus Liguori, Kilskyre Tuesday 9.30am – 12.30pm & 5pm – 8pm
Ballinlough Assumption, Ballinlough Friday 10.30am – 1.30pm & 6pm – 8pm
Kingscourt Immaculate Conception, Kingscourt Tuesday 10.30am – 9.30pm
Kinnegad Assumption, Kinnegad 1st Friday 9am – 7pm
Laytown Sacred Heart Church, Laytown Tuesday 10pm – 12 midnight
Sacred Heart Church, Laytown Wednesday 10.45am – 8pm
Sacred Heart Church, Laytown Thursday 9am – 7pm
Mornington Star of the Sea, Mornington Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Lobinstown Church of Holy Cross, Lobinstown Monday 10am – 10pm
Church of Holy Cross, Lobinstown Tuesday 10am – 10pm
Longwood Church of Assumption, Longwood Tuesday 7.30pm – 9pm
Killyon Church of Assumption, Killyon Friday 7.30pm – 9pm
Milltown St Matthew’s Church, Milltown Tuesday 8pm – 9pm
Moyvore St Patrick’s Church, Moyvore Wednesday 10am – 10.30am & 4pm – 5pm
Moynalty Church of Assumption, Moynalty Thursday 9am – 11am
Church of Assumption, Moynalty Friday 5pm – 9pm
Moynalvey Church of Nativity, Moynalvey Tuesday 6pm – 11pm
Church of Nativity, Moynalvey Wednesday 2pm – 7.45pm
Kiltale Church of Assumption, Kiltale Thursday 9am – 10 pm
Multyfarnham St Nicholas Church, Multyfarnham Monday 3pm – 4pm & 7pm – 8pm
Nobber St John The Baptist, Nobber Friday 9am – 9pm
Oldcastle St Brigid’s Church, Oldcastle Mon & Thurs 9.20am – 9pm
Oristown St Catherine’s, Oristown Monday 9 – 1pm
St Catherine’s, Oristown Wednesday 6pm – 11pm
Kilberry St John the Baptist, Kilberry Tues & Thurs 9am – 1pm & 7pm – 10pm
Killina St Carthage’s Church, Killina Monday 3pm – 10pm
The Island St Patrick’s Church, The Island Tuesday 6pm – 8pm
Mucklagh St Colman’s Church, Mucklagh Thursday 10am – 8pm
Rathkenny Sts Louis & Mary, Rathkenny Mon – Fri 10am – 10pm
Ratoath Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath Wednesday 11am – 8pm
Rochfortbridge Immaculate Conception, Rochfortbridge Mon & Tues 10.30am – 9pm
Skryne Blessed Margaret Ctr (nr. Paroch Hse) Wednesday 10am – 2pm & 5pm – 10pm
Blessed Margaret Centre Thursday 7pm – 10pm
Slane St Patrick’s Church, Slane Monday 9am – 7pm
Monknewtown Assumption, Monknewtown Wednesday 4pm – 8pm
Stamullen St Patrick’s Church, Stamullen Thursday 10.30am – 7pm
Julianstown St Mary’s Church, Julianstown Wednesday 10.30am – 6pm
Summerhill Our Lady of Lourdes, Dangan Wednesday 10am – 10pm
Taughmon Church of Assumption, Taughmon Wednesday 7pm – 10pm
Turin St Joseph’s Church, Turin Wednesday 7pm – 8pm
Trim St Patrick’s Church Parish Centre, Trim Tuesday 2pm – 9pm
St Patrick’s Church Parish Centre, Trim Wednesday 10am – 9pm
St Patrick’s Church Parish Centre, Trim Thursday 7pm – 10pm
St Patrick’s Church Parish Centre, Trim Friday 10am – 9pm
Tubber Holy Family Church, Tubber Wednesday 7pm – 9pm
Rosemount St Thomas The Apostle, Rosemount Tuesday 7pm – 8pm
Tullamore Church of Assumption, Tullamore Every Day 24 Hours